Community Compost

Here at The Urban Farm we're promoting composting in Maroochydore.
We're diverting food scraps away from landfill and into our hot composting system. Instead of turning into Methane Gas which is more harmful than Carbon Dioxide to the Earth's atmosphere, we transform it into Black Gold (compost) and a top quality soil to feed our plants. Come down and speak to our staff to learn more or if you have any questions.

Get composting! Even better get a friend composting!
Even better get a community composting!

Our goal at The Urban Farm is to make a full loop Food/waste system. With our Restaurant partners we leave a compost bucket, they fill it, we drop off organically grown supplies and pick up the bulging-over-the-top compost bucket, making a full loop food/waste system - helping the planet, making  revenue for the Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre, helping the community.

We want to have a full loop food/waste system with you too!

When you drop off compost you have the opportunity to pick out some of our delicious seasonal produce at the same time, making a full loop food/waste system. Makes Sense!

This is our compost sign at the farm. please follow the instructions. The compost bin is situated next to the sheds in the opposite corner from the main entrance. Thank you!

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