The Urban Farm
Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre

Eat Well. Live Well

Organic produce, Chemical Free. Grown locally, supporting community, in the heart of Cotton Tree.

Chemical Free

Chemical free/Spray free, grown naturally, using organic techniques, working with nature and staying chemical free! Offering delivery to local eateries.

Farm to Table

In the heart of Cotton Tree we turn foodmiles into foodsteps! We pick the produce on the spot for ultimate freshness, nutrient dense, wellness food!

wholesome Produce

We only know how to grow organically and natural produce with in farm natural fertilisers. We manage the microbes in the soil and they make wholesome, healthy, nutrient dense produce. 

Social Enterprise

All profits go to the Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre whose projects help feed and shelter the community and family support.

Chemical Free,Wholesome Produce. 

We guarantee we do not spray any harmful chemical insecticides or herbicides onto our plants (we don't even use synthetic fertilizers, we make our own natural fertilizers). We only use certified organic pest controls and that's at a last resort as they can kill the beneficial insects that naturally keep our urban farm in equilibrium.

Our first line of defense is a balanced ecosystem with plant diversity, permaculture principles, regenerative agriculture, bio-dynamics and feeding a healthy living soil that's full of the good microbes and fungi that look after the plants and the nutrient dense plants look after us! Following natures way, the way it should be.

Come down and take a tour to see how the food is grown and where it comes from and to get to know your local farmer.  

Farm to Table

We believe in the Farm to Table/Paddock to Plate Concept. Food that is picked fresh that day and eaten preferrably within 3 days is proven to be healthier for you. The veggies are still alive and have not degraded so is nutrient dense, full of flavor, health and wellness. Studies on longevity of societies who live the longest happiest lifes, have shown one thing in common and that's they all eat the freshest food, straight out of their gardens! 

Social Enterprise

The Urban Farm was established in collaboration with the Cotton Tree Community Garden in late 2019. The ideas behind The Urban Farm Social Enterprise is to grow great Organic, Seasonal, Chemical Free Food for the local community. The precedes support the Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre a not for profit Organization and all the essential community projects that they do. Buying with us is directly supporting your local community. The unique proximity in the heart of Cotton Tree allows accessibility to the freshest, healthiest wholefoods you can eat. The farm to table philosophy allows us to harvest the produce on your doorstep and you can be eating in your next meal we like to call food-steps not food-miles.  

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2 Fifth Ave, Maroochydore QLD 4558

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