Wellness Farmbox

The Urban Farm's Wellness Farmbox $45 (CSA $40)
Our farmboxes provide you with the Freshest Seasonal produce, Organically grown, chemical-free, and harvested minutes before collection.
All of our produce is grown right here in Cotton Tree so Farmbox contents are Seasonal - your Fruit and Veg diet will be as nature intends!  (Out-of-Season produce will simply be Unavailable or limited.)
Proceeds go to Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre, supporting the local community.

From One of our Early Autumn Boxes

"This week, we have jap pumpkins, rainbow 🌈 passionfruits🫐, tahitain limes🫒, massive cucumbers 🥒, native summer salads (water spinach, cranberry hibiscus, rocket, lettuce, amaranth, Brazilian spinach, okinawa spinach )🥬, medicinal herbs(rosemary, mint, lemon basil, oregano, vietnamese mint, garlic chives)🍀, betel leaf, papaya 🍐, thai purple streaky eggplants 🍆 , chillis 🌶, spring onions.

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